Have your say

One Voice helps disabled people to have a say on a wide range of things that affect our lives.
We also help the council, Wolverhampton Homes and other bodies to consult disabled citizens in a meaningful way, and find out what are views and needs are.
Any disabled Wolverhampton citizen can take part in any consultation, and any representative from a Disabled People’s Organisation can have their say.
Sometimes we have meetings with the decision makers for them to hear disabled people’s views, sometimes One Voice has meetings with disabled people and then represents their views.
Recent consultations have included Wolverhampton Homes White Goods policy, Bins and waste policy, Pubwatch, council website access, changes to the city centre, recycling, transport hub, mental health services, autism plan, civic centre refurbishment.

Join us to have a say about your rights and needs, to work to make Wolverhampton better for disabled people