What  is the likelihood that Parliament is truly commited to equality for disabled people?

Even in prison, disabled people are treated worse than other prisoners, and denied basic human rights.
An independent prisons inspection team has gone twice to Parkhurst prison in the  last 3 years – they reported they were unhappy with conditions in 2006, so went back in December 2008 to find that things had got worse.

A wheelchair user inmate had not had a shower for ONE YEAR and another had not had a shower for 6 months.
This was allowed to occur because staff would not push them to an accessible shower unit.
They would not push them without training (how many of us who have pushed wheelchairs have had any training), and more disgusting still, they refused to go on the training.
Surely these individual prison officers should be prosecuted for so clearly abusing these wheelchair users’ human rights, as well as the authorities being brought to book.

How can the Governement speak convincingly about disabled peoples’ equality, while presiding over such a clear case of disability discrimination and deial of human rights?


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