West Midlands Police is set to get a new phone number so that people can contact us easier. 101 is a new, non-emergency national telephone number. It has already been launched in southern England and parts of Wales and will go live across the Midlands region on Tuesday 8 November 2011.  The current 0345 and 0845 numbers will continue to operate in the same way.

The 101 system will work by redirecting people’s calls, wherever they are in the country, to their nearest police force and is intended to be easier for people to remember. The number should be used to report a crime or anti-social behaviour which does not need an emergency response. In an emergency, members of the public should continue to use 999. (Callers phoning from overseas need to call 0121 626 5000.)

The number will be rolled out across the UK on an incremental basis, with the last forces going live in January next year. Callers using the number will incur a flat rate charge of 15 pence no matter how long the call lasts and whether it is made from a landline or mobile. Calls for 101 will be answered in the same way as the 0345 and 0845 numbers.


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