Universal Credit – news getting worseFamous  paralympian Tanni Grey Thompson, has been discussing a report with news organisations. The report claims that nearly half a million disabled people and their families could lose up to £58 a week under the coalition’s flagship policy – cuts so deep that one in 10 disabled households with children fear they might lose their home.

Backed by three charities – Citizens Advice, the Children’s Society and Rights UK – the commission looked at the impact on 3,500 disabled people and their families, and says about 450,000 disabled people could stand to lose out under universal credit.

According to the report, highly at risk are:


  • 100,000 disabled children who stand to lose up to £28 a week directly;
  • 230,000 severely disabled people who do not have another adult to assist them are at risk of losing £28-£58 a week;
  • 116,000 disabled people who work could lose about £40 a week as the disability element of working tax credits is subsumed into the new scheme.


The government claims universal credit will “make work pay”, but the commission says it found evidence that the changes could make it harder for disabled people to remain in work.

Labour has called on the government to postpone the introduction of universal credit by a year, arguing there are too many unresolved problems.

The Coalition is digging its heals in – it is willing to reverse on pasties, caravans, chief whips etc, but not on ill thought out decisions that endanger disabled people’s lives



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