by Theresa Mary Anne Crowther

The day began bright enough but soon I was feeling a little rough the blustery wind and cold weather had begun to take its toll on my skin, and I was a little bit red and wind swept. As I stood waiting for the 876 bus from Stafford to Wolverhampton which I caught at Penkridge.

Standing at the bus stop I wonder what the day would bring. The 10 to 8 the bus was on time for once and I climbed on it with a couple of other people a lad of about 20ish wrapped up in a hat scarf and gloves with an ‘I don’t care but I have to go to work’ look in his eyes who got on first, the gentleman, as always, I struggled on up the two large steps with my stick and bag carrying my lunch and trusty CD playing my favourite music carried away with the sounds that were coming from it.

Flashed my Pass at the driver who was ready to charge me full fare, instead of that he reluctantly gave me a free ticket.

That the only time I take pleasure in using a stick is when I get something free sounds bad I know but I like it being disabled from birth does help me sometimes.

Followed by Katie who was young bright and full of life, telling me all about her boyfriend Ky. Sounds like love to me I wished her well and settled down to listen to my music.

The bus pulled off amid mumbles of the bus driver that he thought that he would be on time today. Well that would make a change I thought. The tail back from the traffic was quite long and I continued to put my makeup on. One eye blue the other nearly missed because of the jolt of the bus. I looked at my face in the small mirror and laughed at myself I always seemed to put more on one eye than the other. Oh well, I would probably sweat it off anyway.

The bus went on and on down the A449 past the Four Ashes and into Coven through that still another wait people in the cars struggling as well straining at the wheels to get going to get to work faster, Me I am just another passenger on the 876 bus I look out of the window and bob my head up and down to the music I must look I right sight and get one or too strange looks but I don’t care I get there just as quick as them in their flash cars.

We are going coming into Wolverhampton now past the Moreton Arms and beyond that the craw along the Stafford road pass the chip shop and the Three Tuns we are on the downward run toward what used to be Goodyear’s but now is called Promise and Dunstall Road along Stafford Street this is getting closer to Wolverhampton City Council my goal for another day.


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