CENTRO is running a new Government funded programme called  Smart Network, Smarter Choices.

They want to talk to community groups about accessing local travel options.

 FREE support for your organisation could include:

  • Free cycle training and bike maintenance courses;
  • Free travel support for job seekers and those starting a new job (including network passes or cycling equipment);
  • Advice and materials for displaying information about sustainable transport options to your site;
  • Carousels with timetables, maps and information for sites;
  • Personal journey planning sessions with group members;
  • Promotional drop-in sessions on travel information and ticketing for groups;
  • Setting up a mailing distribution list (and free mail-outs of transport information); and
  • Signposting to community transport services if appropriate.


Liz Wood
Community Engagement Officer

Direct Dial: 0121 214 7601
Mobile: 0121 214 7672
Website: www.centro.org.uk


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