trainsplanesA Government Select Committee on Transport has raised concerns that we have lost the momentum from the paralympics on an accessible Britain.

The report identified that at least a 5th of disabled people have some difficulty accessing public transport.

Disabled people dont use public transport because they cant – seems to be one message of the report. But the main point made is that key transport access improvements planned by the Department for Transport after London2012 have been watered-down or abandoned.

The report makes a list of policy demands, including:

reinstate the mandatory training for bus drivers in disability awareness

a public campaign to make people respect the wheelchair space on buses

a phased introduction of audio visual information

penalties for bus companies that put inaccessible buses on accessible routes

The key recommendation on railway services is that disabled people should not have to book assistance in advance.

On taxis, it was suggested there should be financial incentives for taxis to have fully accessible fleets, so that both taxis and private hire cars are fully accessible in 10 years.

On air travel, the principal recommendation was that carers of disabled passengers should travel free.

For full copies of the report, visit the Parliament website, here>>



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