Wallpaper magnate Chancellor Osbourne is to give unemployed people a pasting at Tory Party Conference, when he announces plans to force 200,000 long-term unemployed benefit claimants to either undertake community work, attend a jobcentre every day or go on a full-time intensive programme to tackle the underlying reasons for their failure to find work.

One of the reasons for their failure to find work might be that There are 4.6 unemployed people per vacancy (factcheck here:

This new scheme strongly resembles the American workfare scheme, which has signally failed to get people back into work, while scapegoating them.

The British forerunner to this new idea, the work programme had a 97% failure rate, and mainly served to concentrate taxpayer money into the hands of a few work programme companies, who didn’t deliver on any targets.

And the long term unemployed scroungers the Tories keep giving speeches about? According to the Govts own figures, 4,200 people have been unemployed and claiming JSA for more than 5 years. There are probably more wealthy tax avoiders than that.


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