Today i had a letter from chris hudderton head of community services advising me that i can claim a percentage of my outstanding membership for my leisure card which is equivilent to 0.17p per month. also there is now something called the fit card which is available at 2 rates for 2 ways of paying:-

1)just the gymnasium £11.00 per month

2)just the pool   £15.00 per month


3)both gym and pool £26.00 per month

the 2 seperate payment methods:-

one payment for only £480-00 yes only £480.00


£26.00 per month yes only £26.00 per month

i forgot, the second payment method is only available by direct debit, what if you only have a basic bank account that does not accept direct debits such as a post office account.

alternatively you can pay a one off payment of 480.00 yes only £480.00 who has got that sort of cash lying around anyhow.

it seems that the disabled community is once again being excluded from leisure facilities


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