My play reading went very smoothly and was well received.

The play sounded much different being read by actors as they added emotions, intonations and gave the audience a feel for the play. The actors and director did an excellent job.

I think the audience enjoyed my play and the other 3 plays. My play was a bit humorous and cheeky in parts. Tim flirting with Thelma on the way to the club room for example. Maybe the play achieves the aims of spicing up the image of chess for those who see the sport as a slow, sedate pastime. It can be just the opposite.

I picked up lot of tips from the actors too, which was great. Not sure if my play will go any further but will wait and see. Seems like a promising and encouraging start to screenplay writing.

The day was simply brilliant and so unforgettable that I couldn’t do anything else for a few days.

Such a high. My play had been selected and read out by actors! Wow. Must try and stay grounded though and not lose the momentum of events.


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