Equality at Work

Equality at Work

Equality at Work These are the Governments’s plans for benefits this year: Working age benefits like Universal Credit (standard) will be the same, so will Housing Benefit – the Government has frozen these rates until 2020. People in the ESA support group...

Advocacy Co-ordinator Post

One Voice is looking for the right person to become co-ordinator for the Wolverhampton Advocacy Service. The service is an expansion of our existing advocacy project, and will include the following service user groups: disabled people (all impairments); older people;...
Wolverhampton Jobs Fair

Wolverhampton Jobs Fair

The Jobs Fair is on Friday 3rd October 2014 9:30am – 2:30pm WV1 at Molineux Stadium, Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton, WV1 4QR You can also find out more about training and volunteering opportunities and support to apply for jobs, helping you to move your job search one...

Even break for disabled jobseekers

Even Break is a new website based organisation for disabled people whoo want to work and enployers who want to hire a disabled person. You can find out more on their website, here>>

Government’s Undiplomatic Discrimination

A British Diplomat praised for her work promoting disability rights as a diplomat in Poland, has had her new posting as Britain’s deputy ambassador to Kazakhstan revoked, after Foreign Officie officials decided that her deafness makes it too expensive for her to...

fit for work

Fit notes are brought in by the Government in April. The fit note means that when you go to the doctor, instead of having a sick note signing you off work, the GP will now decide whether you are fit for work with some support, and what employers can do to help them...

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