Equality at Work

Equality at Work

Equality at Work These are the Governments’s plans for benefits this year: Working age benefits like Universal Credit (standard) will be the same, so will Housing Benefit – the Government has frozen these rates until 2020. People in the ESA support group...

Lonliness – some help

Over 70% of older people are lonely according to research published by the over 50s site gransnet. The poll also revealled that around half of those people who felt lonely have never told anyone about it. If you are one of the silent majority who is feeling lonely,...

Legal decisions leave DDA floundering

Two recent legal decisions will have a massive impact on disabled people’s rights, and they pull in opposite directions. Firstly, and distressingly, the Law Lords in a majority decision have overturned the Court of Appeal decision in Malcolm v Lewisham. The...

Welcome to the One Voice blog

Welcome to our blog! This is a blog about issues of interest to disabled people. It is written by disabled people who are citizens of Wolverhampton. If you are a disabled person and would like to become one of our bloggers, contact us

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