Harassment Report Published

‘Hidden in plain sight’, the final report of the EHRC inquiry into disability-related harassment was published on 12th September. The report unsurprisingly concludes that harassment is a commonplace experience for disabled people, and at the same time...
Disabled People Against the Cuts

Disabled People Against the Cuts

Disabled People Against the Cuts are holding a demonstration in Birmingham on Sunday 18th September Assemble at 11am Granville Street, B1 1JW  March to Lionel Street There will be a shortened route for disabled people who need it There is also a static protest for 200...

Supreme Court decision disaster for equality

From London Disabled People’s Advisory committee: The Supreme Court has ruled in support of Kensington and Chelsea council’s withdrawal of overnight care to Elaine McDonald to save money. This will mean she will have no choice but to wear pads, although this is...

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