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Everyone needs support sometimes; we could all use a supportive person to help us understand what’s happening. It can help to have someone around to make a difficult phone call, someone who can support you in writing a letter or someone to go with you to a difficult meeting.

This is where One Voice Advocacy Project can help.

What is an Advocate?

  • An advocate is someone who can support you so that your views are respected and your rights are met.
  • An advocate could support you in a variety of situations where you feel unable to explain your own interests.
  • Advocates are independent of statutory health and social services.
  • Advocates support your views without considering what others may consider as your best interest.
  • Advocates will try to make sure that you have all the information required to make an informed choice.


What can an Advocate do for me?

  • If you feel that services aren’t listening to you or you don’t fully understand a situation, an advocate can work with you.
  • They will listen to your issues and, only with your guidance, work towards an outcome.
  • An advocate can find information, contact details, other support organisations or locate the right person for you to talk to.
  • An advocate can attend meetings, reviews and tribunals to support you through the process. An advocate cannot represent you but would try to find a person/organisation that could.

What can’t an Advocate do for me?

  • An advocate cannot offer advice, opinions or judgements about what is the right or the best choice. A client must decide that for themselves.
  • An advocate will never have a conflict of interest as a clients view is the most important.
  • An advocate must never represent you or make decisions for you; this is the role of an advice worker and not an advocate.
  • Advocates cannot guarantee results but they can ensure that a person’s voice is heard and considered in all situations.

Other ways to contact us:

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Office Hours: 10-4 M-F

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