Schizophrenia Awareness Week on 6-10 October. Rethink is launching the +20 campaign to fight for a fairer deal for people with schizophrenia.

The shocking truth is that people with schizophrenia die, on average, 20 years before their time mainly because of preventable physical illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. Our ambition is clear: to fight as hard as we can, for as long as it takes, until people with schizophrenia have the same life chances as anyone else.

Rethink’s campaigning work is funded by individual donations – so they want you to get involved, by hosting a fundraising Tea Party, or any other kind of event you fancy!

 Just email  your name and postal address to RETHINK, and tell them what you’re planning, and they will send you a +20 Tea Party pack out with all you need to get started, in plenty of time to organise an event for 6-10th October.

email .

This information is from the RETHINK website


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