Sainsburys, Tesco, Aldi changes because of Corona Virus

by | Mar 18, 2020 | information | 0 comments

More shops are making changes due to the Corona Virus.

Opening earlier or only serving for pensioners for the first hour:
Iceland, Sainsbury.
Lidl is only opening early in Scotland, and Tesco is only opening early in Ireland.

Sainsburys pizza, cooked meat, and fresh fish counters closed. They say that this is to get more staff working on tills to reduce queues.

Panic Buying:
Sainsburys customers can only buy 2 toilet roll packs, 2 hand sanitisers, and 2 long life milk cartons and only 2 of each grocery item (e.g. rice)
Tesco: From Saturday 18th March you can only buy 2 bags of toilet roll, tissues, pasta, rice, and long life milk.
Aldi: you can only buy 4 of any product.

We have not had any information yet on how Wolverhampton food banks are affected.

Also, remember homeless people at this time, and help them out with food if you can.