Regular visitors to the site may remember our report about  a Sheffield wheelchair user who too the (Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) to Court because he could not get into his local branch. The Bank argued that he could access 3 other branches in the area, and that it would be unreasonable for them to make counter facilities accesible, because they would lose the use of an interview room. The Court disagreed and instructed RBS to pay £6,500 in damages and install a platform lift.

RBS appealed, but the Appeal Court has agreed with the original judge.

This is a step forward in case law, as the bank argued that he could use internet banking, or use other branches (DDA provisons on providing a service in an alternative  way to obviate a barrier), but the Law Lords agreed with Counsel for the disabled man, that the case was about the fact that the student wanted to have banking facilities as close as possible, like anyone else .


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