imagesA poll commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions, carried out by Ipsos Mori, has found that the British public find some points of the bedroom tax fair and others unfair.


The majority, 54% , said it is fair because it will encourage those affected by it to improve their personal circumstances, for example, finding work. However, the same survey found that the majority, again 54%, thought it was unfair if there is a shortage of properties with fewer bedrooms in the same area and they disagree it is fair if those affected have to make up the money by cutting their spending on households essentials, 48%.



52% of the British public believe the benefits system in Britain is too generous, as opposed to 17% who believe it is not generous enough, according to research commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions. 43% of people polled supported a reduction to housing benefit, while 30% oppose any reduction. Almost half, 49%, support a reduction in the amount of housing benefit paid to working people in social housing if the government thinks they have more bedroom than they need.



50% support a reduction of 25% for those to have two or more bedrooms than they need, whereas 45% of those polled supported a 14% reduction with one more bedroom than the government deems they need.

When given more information about the bedroom tax, 44% support, and 31% are opposed to, the 14% reduction for those with one ‘extra’ bedroom and for the reduction of 25% for those with two or more ‘extra’ bedrooms 46 per cent support it and 29% are opposed to it. By a margin of three people to one, the majority of those polled believe the benefits system in Britain is too generous. 52% said it was too generous , whereas 17% said it wasn’t generous enough.



The report said: ‘While more of the public support than oppose the policy following more detailed description, attitudes towards it are polarised, with equally strong support and opposition. Almost one third have a strong opinion on RSRS: 16% support it while 16% oppose it.’



54% support the bedroom tax if it reduces the amount the government spends on benefits and those polled were equally positive about encouraging those affected to take up employment, 52% support and 20% oppose. Additionally, 49% support the policy if it means those affected have to move to find more affordable accommodation.



Source: Inside Housing




8th November 2013




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