From April 2013, councils will be given a ring-fenced budget to deliver public health outcomes. In Wolverhampton, we are making this change early and the public health workforce from the PCT is already working in shadow form at the council

Public health will be measured against a framework which sets out 66 health measures so councils are able to see real improvements being made and take any action needed. The NHS and Adult Social Care have similar national frameworks and locally a Children’s framework has also been developed.

Public Health measures include:

  • fewer children under 5 will have tooth decay
  • people will weigh less
  • more women will breastfeed their babies
  • fewer over 65s will suffer falls
  • fewer people will smoke
  • fewer people will die from heart disease and stroke
  • school attendance
  • domestic abuse
  • homelessness
  • air pollution.

In Wolverhampton, we have gathered data on all the 66 outcomes to review how we are performing in these important areas. Copies of this data are available on request.

A Public Health delivery board will be will be responsible for the outcomes in the Public Health Outcome Framework. This will include:

  • Commissioning services that support these outcomes. For example, Healthy Lifestyle Service supports Health Check delivery, smoking prevalence, obesity prevalence etc.
  • Liaison with the new Public Health England to ensure quality of screening and immunization services locally and to deliver Health Protection services.
  • Supporting the NHS commissioning to support the NHS to deliver the outcomes in the NHS outcome framework.
  • Emergency planning
  • Coordinating Wolverhampton’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment
  • Supporting the development of the Health and Wellbeing Board

Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB)

Health and Wellbeing Boards are at the heart of the government’s plans to transform health and care and achieve better population health and wellbeing. In Wolverhampton, the shadow Board is chaired by Councillor John Reynolds and membership includes Councillors, GPs, Council Strategic Directors, Director of Public Health and LINk Board member. They are in the process of developing a strategy based on Wolverhampton’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment which will be completed by May 2012. The Public Health delivery board will feed into the Health and Wellbeing Board, as will groups responsible for outcomes in the other frameworks.


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