dwpAt present claimants need to wait 3 days before either Job Seekers
Allowance(JSA) or Employment and Support Allowance(ESA) is paid. The
government is thinking of extending this to a 7 day wait from October 2014.
The average loss in benefit ‘.. at the start of each award will be £40 for JSA
claimants and £50 for ESA claimants.’, according to the DWP. As many of you are experiencing, clients are currently struggling with a whole
range of cuts/ benefit reforms. JSA and ESA are often paid fortnightly in arrears and this will mean another hurdle to overcome.
Exceptions- There would not normally be waiting days in some circumstances such as where there was a previous claim for income Support(IS), Incapacity Benefit(IB), Carers Allowance(CA), ESA or JSA within the 12 weeks before the latest claim.
Waiting days would not normally adversely affect Housing Benefit entitlement.
The Social Security Advisory Committee is often consulted by the government about proposed changes in benefit regulations and wants your view- contact them by email ssac@dwp.gsi.gov.uk.


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