Mental Health Care is becoming a second class service, according to a report out today.

The Community Care Magazine report reveals that in 2013/13,  3,024 people with mental health problems have had to get treatment outside of their area, some hundred of miles away from homes and families at a time when they most need support.

Sometimes they have been sent to non mental health wards, with one woman being sent to a deaf ward, and another put on a matress on the floor.

This puts in a poor light the Governments stated intention to achieve “parity of treatment for mental and physical health services”, since in 2011/12, 1,301 people with mental illnesses where shipped to different areas.

The reason this is happened, is because there are not enough beds on mental health wards. Because of cuts to NHS services, there has been a loss of 1 700 beds on mental health wards.

The cost of sending people out of area in 2013/14, was £38.3m


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