After much pressure the government has launched a mini consultation(ending on 5/8/2013) about whether onbe of the PIP mobility descriptors should be changed.

It sounds really technical, but it could have a big impact on disabled people’s lives, and their right to get the benefit that replaces DLA.

Descriptor 2 looks at people’s ability to ‘move around’, and gives points depending on how far you can walk.

It is more difficult to get than the DLA mobility test as instead of being able to walk 50m, if you can walk 20m, you will not get the benefit – this will have knowck on effects for things like getting a Blue Badge. .

The government estimates that 428,000 claimants will no longer qualify for this higher rate (12 points)under current PIP rules.

So most people who get high rate DLA now, would only get the equivalent of low rate DLA under PIPS

A challenge is being heard in the High Court about the  original consultation which mentioned a distance of 50 metres for the enhanced rate, not 20 metres. In the mean time the existing PIP law will continue to apply to new claims made, pending any changes.

If you want to have your views heard in the consultation, go to the Government PIP consultation page here>>


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