Okay, my friend who lives in Spain told me about this, so I had to tell you:

A man who we assume is disabled had been warned by his doctor that it was “psychologically inadvisable” for him to listen to anything that wasnt traditional jazz – and especially not any of that mdern discordant stuff. El País – my freind’s source for some of the story – isn’t all that clear on what “psychologically inadvisable” means, but lets move on with the story.

The man – as befitted his condition, went to the Siguenza Jazz Festival. While there, a band came on who were drumming, and doing other kinds of things that jazz musicians like doing. The guy in question felt this was not jazz, but contemporary music, and called the police.

This kind of stuff happens, and we have no problem when a person because of their mental health problems, acts in a stronger way than most would.

The thing that makes the story interesting is that the police came, listened to the music for a while, agreed with our guy that it was contemporary music and not jazz, and that our guy had a case for getting his money back.

Does that mean the next time the England cricket team have one of their famous Englandbatting collapses, if I call the police, can I get my money back?


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