The Government has launched its new white paper on plans for a National Care Service.

The white paper comes after wide consultation with many people including disabled people in wolverhampton who came to our 3 consultation meetings to have their say and be part of our submission to the Government>>

They seem to have moved from their original position – opposite to the funding of the health services – that only individuals who need care will pay for it – taking notice about what many disabled people’s groups have said on the matter.

Minister Andy Burnham said:

“I feel very strongly that this is a responsibility we must all help to shoulder. And it’s clear from what we have heard from the thousands of people who have given us their opinions on this over the past twelve months, that people agree. That’s why we know that the fairest way to help everyone who is affected by a serious disease, illness or disability is for us all to pay into a system so we get free care when we need it.”

You can download your own copy of the white paper here>>


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