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Flourish To Be You

Health & Wellbeing Workshops 2013

FREE Workshops delivered by Steph Cutler
at Blakenhall Community & Healthy Living Centre

February 12th Tuesday 5 – 7 pm

Self Awareness: Knowing What Makes You Tick.

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the value of having self awareness. An individual, interactive task will help participants to identify and acknowledge strengths and traits about themselves.


February 26th Tuesday 5 – 7 pm

Personal Confidence: Learn to Over-ride Limiting Beliefs.

Within this workshop participants will explore the idea of ‘self-talk’. A group activity will encourage them to challenge limiting beliefs by reverting the way we form and phrase beliefs.


March 5th Tuesday 5 – 7 pm

Motivation: Maintaining Positive Momentum.

Here participants will have the opportunity to learn a useful tip to apply when their motivation is flagging. It is simple to remember and to put into practice. Open participation is encouraged so as to create peer support.


March 19th Tuesday 5 – 7 pm
Looking After Yourself: Tips and Tools for Mental & Physical Wellbeing.

The group will discuss the relevance and importance of looking after your self and collate ideas about how to take care of their mental health and physical wellbeing. A number of their suggestions will be explored to expand to include practical measures that they can include in their personal lives.


April 9thTuesday 5 – 7 pm
Managing Stress: Practical Steps to Reduce Anxiety and Worry.

As the title suggests this workshop will include several suggestions to try which can help reduce and remove feelings of anxiety and worry. Some suggestions will be tried within the session.


April 16th Tuesday 5 – 7 pm
Goal Setting: A Tool to Create a Vision and Identify Steps.

The GROW model of goal setting will be introduced and participants will begin to breakdown what they would like to achieve into realistic steps.



Outside Centre – follow link to ‘Wellbeing’ and ‘Workshops 3013’.

Steph Cutler – for information about course leader.




To book a place on the workshops call Paul Darke at Outside Centre on:


Tel: 01902 716747 or Mobile: 07908 263166

Email : or visit the website



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