Money & Benefits



One Voice helps people with benefits application forms, evidence gathering, and benefits appeals.

We will also represent you at Benefits Appeal Tribunals on Disability benefit Appeals.

For people with money difficulties we help you sort out your debts and get back on track.

At the moment we do not have any funding to do this work, so the help we can provide is limited.

If you want to use this service, you must contact One Voice as soon as you have a problem with money or benefits

This gives us time to help you to sort things out.

Don’t delay contacting us if your benefit application is refused – appeals concern themselves with the date the decision was made, not the date on which your tribunal is heard. So your case needs to be prepared, and evidence needs to be secured as near as possible to the date the decision was made by the DWP.

If you just need some guidance and want to help yourself, please download our self-help pack here>>

If you need help with debt, please use our self-help pack here>>


Services to Individuals

including counselling, advocacy, representation, advice and information, workshops, creative activities

Services to Disabled People's Groups

including training, talks, access work, disability network, creative workshops, events.

Services to local organisations

including training, talks, access work, disability network, creative workshops, events.


Bespoke services and partnership working with other organisations, on inclusion, access audits, training, support and information

Money and Benefits
Money and Benefits
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We have produced a lot of publications on subjects requested by One Voice users and members. Including disability benefits, employment, the Equality Act, equipment, running meetings, leisure, wills, continuing care, tribunals, moving home etc
If you need information on audio cd – contact the office and we will send one out



Putting your views across or ensuring you have a say in decisions affecting the city.

Also we can represent disabled people in Tribunals, but the number of people we can help depends on income raised via contracts and service agreements with companies and organisations outside of One Voice.


Information & Research

We can provide you with research and information on employment, transport, access, legal rights etc


One Voice has provided training for disabled people in Disability Benefits, Access Audits, Stress and Anxiety Management, Equality Act, Care Act, Time management, accessible communication, running campaigns, Assisting wheelchair users, agenda-setting and many other areas.
Transport & Access
One Voice runs opt-in/opt-out groups on transport issues and access issues so disabled people can speak as a group directly to service providers.

Customer Satisfaction

Most of our service users are disabled individuals.
Our information and advice is also used by disabled people’s, friends, family, carers, colleagues.

We provide a tailored service for companies and organisations,that is trusted by professionals.

Opposite is the satisfaction expressed by our service users in the last year via assessment sheets.

  • Disabled Individuals 93% 93%
  • Groups of Disabled People 100% 100%
  • Carers 99.75% 99.75%
  • Companies and organisations 100% 100%

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