The Government has announced a U turn over one of the many changes planned for the Benefits System in the coming years.
The recent Low Review is an independent review into how the mobility needs of people living in state funded residential care are met. It found- ‘It provides people with choice and control over how their needs are met and allows for a personalised solution. If this benefit were to be removed from disabled people living in residential care or attending a residential school or college, there is no alternative provision to take its place. Its removal would lead to disabled people becoming increasingly isolated from their communities and family and being denied basic human rights.’ Disability Campaigners hadMobility Component Saved For 80,000 claimants fought against the planned cut to the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance for those living in residential care. The weekly payments of either £19.55(lower rate) or £51.40 (higher rate) continues to be paid whilst a claimant lives in residential care, unlike the care component (unless self funding).
The Government say they will now not introduce the change which was planned for October 2012. They will gather more evidence before deciding whether the same will apply under the planned Personal Independence Payment which is due to begin in April 2013.



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