Depression-and-Fast-Food-300x168A study published here has found a causal link between stress and wanting sweet food.

The study puts it like this:

Stress increases the secretion of glucocorticoids (GCs), potent steroid hormones that exert their effects on numerous target tissues by acting through glucocorticoid receptors (GRs). GC signaling significantly affects ingestive behavior and taste preferences in humans and rodent models, but far less is known about the hormonal modulation of the peripheral sensory system that detects and assesses nutrient content of foods. 

Basically, they have found stress receptors in the taste buds, and these receptors stimulate the need for sweet things.

So banning fizzy drinks and taxing fatty foods may not be the best way to go in tackling the number of obese people in the UK. The problem might be better solved by looking to our citizens’ wellbeing. And forcing people into debt and foodbanks may not be the best way to achieve this.

You can find some advice on  healthy eating for people with mental health problems  here>>


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