What an exciting day. I would meet the actors and director at 3pm in the Seminar room 2 hours before the readings. We parked on the Lighthouse car park and encountered a bit of hassle from a man who said he was homeless and asked us for some money for a hot drink. I was in a rush and it didn’t feel right to give money so readily and it was a bit scary. We said no, and got a bit of verbal abuse on the car park.

Anyway, we had to find the Seminar room by 3pm. I assumed the seminar room would be signposted as I went up a floor in the lift. We could not find the seminar room though and didn’t ask for directions at the reception as we though the room would be easy to find. Alas, it wasn’t and as 3pm approached and we hadn’t found the room this frustrated me. Luckily we found the room soon after.

I met the director Kerry Murdock and actors. Tracey Briggs (Thelma in my play) said she really liked my play! Got some good feedback. Tracey’s in the new Vodafone advert and has been in Heartbeat, David Proud (Ben character) appears in the new film “Special people” and has played a part in Secret diary of a call girl series 2 I believe. Nick Dutton (Tim), Checka D’Anna (Constance). All great actors. I answered a few queries, received some great tips.

The director told me they had to shorten it a little due to time and a few words here and there had to be deleted due to length. I sat at the front to hear the rehearsal. Still lasted 16 minutes, sounded great on stage and the changes were subtle. The play reading was fantastic! The actors bought my words to life.


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