Make-SHIFT is a two-day event designed to bring the community’s best ideas to the surface – and to attract mentors and champions to take them forward.

Make-SHIFT is your chance to play an active part in improving life in your community – perhaps by rethinking local public services, finding new uses for community resources or making new and useful local products.

Our city’s facing three big questions…

How can we bring empty buildings and public spaces back to life?

Who can spot the needs and opportunities?
Who can provide the answers?
Share your ideas for Wolverhampton, and make the shift!
– The Make Shift Event is from friday 21st to Saturday 22nd of September.
You can submit your ideas here>> or vote for some of the ideas other people have come up with.
This is an exciting chance to be part of changing the way we do things in Wolverhampton – have a look at the website, and jump right in!

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