Lurker - Ouch!Most of us know it as the BBC’s disability podcast, but Ouch! has evolved into a useful microsite over at the BBC, – not just a podcast, but forums for disabled people and others to have a say on anything that interest us, news, interviews, arts and message boards

You can subscribe to a regular newsletter, or subscribe to or download their podcast (sound file – like a radio show)

I’m a sucker for the podcast, which i download via itunes, so that i can listen to it and have a chuckle in bed. But if that doesn’t sound like fun to you, you can listen at the webiste, or download it to your computer and listen when and where you want.

One of the best things about Ouch! is that it has a lot of funny and sarcastic stuff on it, so if you want a laugh amongst like minds, you should have a look or listen.

Give Ouch! a try today, and see if anything interests you – I bet you’ll stay for half an hour!

Ouch! Website>>>


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