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Monday, November 5, 2012 | Lurker

Carrying on the theme of DIY democracy, this month we have 2 sister sites to last month’s freedom of Information requests site.

Our 2 featured sites are fix my transport, and fix my street

Fix my Transport is still in its BETA or testing stage, but it is up and working.

You can use the site to contact any transport operator in the UK – they send your message direct to their Customer Services department. Of course you can do this yourself, but the advantage here is that they put the problem and the response on their website, and as we know, public information has a habit of getting things done!

Our other site of the month is fix my street.

It is like the transport one, but about problems like potholes, broken lights, blocked dropped kerbs etc on your street.

Have a look around, and tell us what you think

One Voice is run by and for disabled people, and has lots of information for disabled people, friends, family, carers, collegues, and anyone else who want to know about issues affecting disabled people’s lives.

Have a look around, and tell us what you think


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