Lurker - Disabled BloggersThis Month I’ve been looking at blogs by disabled activists.

There are quite a lot out there, so I am letting you know about 2 of the best.

A lot of disabled people’s blogs are, by their nature, personal documents or world-views, so often you find that you disagree with quite a bit, but then something really strikes a chord – that’s the beauty of blogs – millions of different opinions that help you to refine your own opinion on millions of different things!

Anyway, here are 2 of the more interesting blogs I found in my short trawl of the Blogosphere:
Same Difference is regularly updated and has a good range of blog subhjects from current affairs to soap opera charcters. Recent posts have included hate crimes , Disabled Parents and social services, and Dyslexia. The blogger has an interesting take on the social model of disability, describing disability as “the Ability NOT to do something”, but you don’t have to share her world view to be interested in the bredth of issues she covers. She also welcomes guest bloggers.

Check it out: Same Difference

My next blog I enjoyed was “Everyone else has a blog

The blogger describes it as an anti-blog – this might just be code for ‘I’m not writing essays, I’m just giving you the best bits’ – this Brighton blogger largely confines herself to pithy sentences and observations, that often have me laughing out loud – not expected behaviour when you are in Wolverhampton Library!

Two recent posts that made me laugh:

Crippled Achievements #27159 – I have sorted out my wardrobe.
(Nothing is folded.)

My physio has drawn me stick men illustrations of the exercises I am supposed to do If I try and take them abroad, I will get arrested.

Why not take a look today



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