The Coalition’s Lobbying Bill, is a purely political piece of legislation aiming to stop voluntary organisations and others from doing campaigning in the 8 month run up to the election.

Muzzling organisations that campaign for equality and civil rights is a pernicious form of censorship, which prevents voluntary and community organisations from questioning political parties at the very time when they have to provide answers to get votes.

Organisations that promote an equality agenda like the Leonard Cheshire’s campaign around preventing 15 minute care visits, or Scope’s campaign to stop non disabled people parking in disabled people’s spaces will only be able to spend up to £20,000 on campaigning in the 8 months leading up to election – and the threshold includes money spent on staff who do the campaigning.

It is the kind of action we might expect president Putin to take, but it is not a bill that should be passed into law in any thriving democracy.

The bill ids discussed at the House of Lords on Wednesday.

There is an online petition that had around 160,000 signatures.

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