welfare benefitsLabour have announced their plans to reform the Employment & Support Allowance (ESA), should they be victorious at the next election.

They include the following:

The new assessment test would include a detailed analysis by a human, including what actual jobs a person could carry out

[Present System: A computer tell people what questions to ask, and the answers get awarded points, and makes no reference to jobs available in the real world ]


• Under Labour, disabled people would receive a copy of the assessor’s report of how their health condition may affect their ability to work, and information about the support available in their local area to help them.

[Not all that different from the Work focused interviews currently in place]

• Sick and disabled people will have a central role in monitoring the way the assessment tests are run, giving them a statutory role in monitoring the operation of the tests and drawing up suggestions for improvements.

[Lots of suggestions for improvements have been made under the coalition government, the key in both cases is whether improvements will be made]

• Contracts to run the work capability assessments would be performance related – ie if a lot of decisions are overturned at tribunal, the company carrying out the assessments will be penalised.

[At the moment, we have companies like ~ATOS giving up their contracts, while the ‘Government has been awarding them further contracts]



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