I’m enjoying the new Tory/coalition cabinet – in my family we take bets on who is going to mess up next.

I guess we should be frightened, that the least able or most untruthful (you decide) MP is now in charge of the nation’s health – but right now, it just seems to be that all their decisions are going to hurt the majority of the public – its just a question of which one is most comedy-value, as they take away our rights.

Health minister Jeremy Hunt believes in homeopathy – the view that a drop of some useful chemical diluted by an ocean of water, will somehow do you good – god help us if that is the approach he is going to take to the health service.

Then there is the transport minister who is afraid of flying, the environment minister who doesn’t believe in climate change and global warming.

The top of the pops in comedy ministers at the moment is the Tory Chairman who is making his party a laughing stock.

Solihull’s Mr Mitchell and his view of the police as plebs is a story that just runs and runs.

And as much as we like the Government getting laughed at in our house, it seems to have been lost in the ridicule, but the police behaved like petty children as well.

Why wouldn’t they let him ride his bike out of the same gate as MPs drive out of – it was petty and stupid.

And we are left with the police account of what was said and Andrew Mitchell’s account, is almost entirely different. But the police aren’t known for their absolute accuracy in recording information. The results of the Hillsborough enquiry show us that sometimes we have to wait over 20 years for the truth to come out.

And sometimes police judgement must be called into question:

Witness Mr Colin Farmer – this week Mr Farmer who is blind, was tasered in the back by police using a 50,000-volt stun gun.

Then, as he was explaining he was blind, they kneeled in his back and handcuffed him.

The police claim they thought he was carrying a samurai sword, when in fact he was using his white cane.



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