Even Boris Johnson thinks the Government’s planned reforms of disability living allowance arer wrong and

will leave many disabled people further into poverty.
we know this because disabled campaigners forced the government to show what people have said in the consultation under a freedom of Information Act request.

The campaigners have also revealed that of those who responded to the government’s consultation, 74% opposed the plans. 98% objected to making people wait longer before they could access financial support; 92% opposed scrapping the lowest rate of support for disabled people; and 99% objected to DLA no longer being used as a qualification for other benefits.
Since the Government broke their own rules by shortening the consultation process, probably failed to meet their responsibilities under the Equality Act, and have failed to in any way take into account the massive groundswell of opinion against the proposed reforms, disabled groups today bring to parliament their own well researched report called Responsible reform. You can read or listen to it here>>>


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