The Government has published a new Big Society strategy document on thier plans for the role, of charities, voluntary groups and social enterprises – ie organisations like One Voice that are part of the “Third Sector” You can see the document  here>> .

The aim of the strategy is to support and strengthen our sector, in line with the Big Society agenda.

According to the cabinet website, plans in the strategy include:
reducing red tape for small organisations
giving public sector staff the right to spin-out and form a  co-ops or mutual supported by a new network of advice and mentoring
give local communities the right to buy or bid to run community assets
continue to match fund local endowments to encourage giving
modernisation of public service commissioning so the most efficient and effective charities can get a fair chance to bid for public contracts.

The consultation document asks questions like:

What support might your organisation need to become more resilient?
Are there ways that expert intervention can support areas which are lacking social capital to improve local relationships and develop a stronger civil society?
The consultation closes on 6th January 2010

There is not, as yet, any Plain English or Easy Read version of the Consultation document.


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