Gender Matters wins AwardLocal charity Gender Matters wins award to help re-build lives

A West Midlands charity, supporting the Trans Community heard this month that it has been awarded a grant of £32,900 to develop its Volunteer Training Programme. Gender Matters, based in Wolverhampton, will now be able to support individual volunteers through a tailor-made programme of confidence building, assertiveness training, personal development as well as learning new or refreshing their existing skills. The aim is to help them into education or work placements, ultimately securing worthwhile employment.

Sherri, the Centre Manager was delighted to learn of the success of their application to the Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales, she said: “trans individuals face many issues with their status and gender identities; situations such as fear of hate crime, violence and abuse and drug and alcohol related problems are not uncommon and self-harm and suicidal tendencies are all too frequent occurrences.”

The two year funding stream will fund a co-ordinator to work with volunteers on issues of self-esteem, self-worth, confidence building and specific training to help them into education and work placements or full-time employment.”

Chelsey Bailey, the Volunteer Programme Co-ordinator said: “Through engagement with other organisations and/or communities volunteers will experience reduced social exclusion; they will meet people outside of their current sphere and will gain confidence in their day to day interactions. We will literally help to re-build some people’s lives by helping them escape their self-imposed prisons.”

The benefits in building relationships with local businesses who host Gender Matters’ volunteers in work-placements has far reaching benefits not only to the volunteers themselves, but for the charity and hosting organisation too.

Gender Matters is interested in hearing from any organisation that would like to learn more about hosting a work-placement for their trained volunteers.


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