futureFirst there was Make:Shift. Now, hot on its heels citizens of the Black Country and Birmingham are being invited to take part in the Future Shift Festival.

Based on experience we know that citizen-driven initiatives and ventures are making everyday life more exciting, participative and sustainable – from community gardens to exciting new arts initiatives – from self-build housing to a book exchange, all these ideas are showing that we can build an entirely new future for our city and the region.

These initiatives are entirely different to anything that could be conceived or delivered by the public sector. But they differ from the majority of ventures in the private sector too because they deliver economic, social and environmental benefits.

Future Shift will offer us the platform to drive forward Wolverhampton’s most ambitious grass-roots projects. It will provide networking opportunities with other inspirational and like-minded people, support to develop your idea to the implementation stage and backing to access a range of funding opportunities.

The unique selling point of Future Shift is as a vehicle to accelerate the changes you would like to see.

There will be a three day Festival taking place between 23 and 26 April.

On 24 April we will be having a pop-up Future Shift event in Wolverhampton, in the Bootstrap Artisan’s shop (on the ground floor of the Mander Centre, next to British Home Stores). Come and see us any time between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to discuss any ideas you might have and Future Shift in general. If you’ve not had a chance yet, it will also give you an opportunity to browse the great range of locally made arts and crafts products available in the shop.

To register your interest in other Future Shift activities, please go to the Future Shift website http://www.futureshift.cc

content from:Sam Axtell


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