One Voice’s Web Lurker, spends too much time on the internet, but when he finds a site of interest to Disabled People, he covers it here.

Lurker – Ouch!

Most of us know it as the BBC's disability podcast, but Ouch! has evolved into a useful microsite over at the BBC, - not just a podcast, but forums for disabled people and others to have a say on anything that interest us, news, interviews, arts and message boards You...

Lurker – u had 2 b there

This month, I've been taking a look at which aims to be a subject based online directory of websites and the services or information they provide. The website has a lot of information, but it is a bit hard to find if you are not looking for...

Lurker – Disabled Bloggers

This Month I've been looking at blogs by disabled activists. There are quite a lot out there, so I am letting you know about 2 of the best. A lot of disabled people's blogs are, by their nature, personal documents or world-views, so often you find that you disagree...

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