The reason I Jump

When I can't sleep, turning on the radio to hear radio 4 slide into the World Service sometimes helps to get me there; that's how it was that I came across an absolute gem of a late night read: The Reason I Jump: One Boy's Voice From The Silence Of Autism, by Naoki...

Bad Day at Black Rock

A man who can only use one arm, comes to a backwater town harbouring a dirty little secret, and shakes them up, restoring the rule of law.

That’s Bad Day at Black Rock in a nutshell…But best of all, the strongest and coolest man in the film is the one who has been disabled by a cruel and racist war.

Land of the Deaf

This documentary comes with pedigree having won three awards at International Film Festivals. Still I did wonder about the portrayal of deaf people in the documentary as the Director is hearing, basically was this a film from someone on the outside looking in on the...

Dan Ma Peau

I chose to review this film because it tackles the notoriously taboo subject of self harm. The film is shocking and disturbing but intelligently manages to explore the subject in a non gratuitous or exploitive way. It is credit to the Director, Marina de Van that the...


This film reminded me of an acting workshop being camcorded in the process of trying to make a movie. There is a reason for this and this is because that it’s Lars Von Trier's first movie made according to the back-to-basics 'Dogma 95' manifesto or code of conduct. To...

Eastern cinema is still in vogue at the moment, if in doubt, just check out the world cinema section at your local movie store. Indeed, Hollywood never far behind to cash in on a trend has recently remade Japanese films such as The Ring and Ju-On aka The Grudge, and...

Accione Mutante

They say you should never judge a book by its cover and maybe the same can be said for films and their covers. On the front of my copy (see left) is a large red and black motif featuring a red star with the universal wheelchair symbol albeit with a new twist of a gun...

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