Can sculpture ever truly replicate reality?

 Can it really capture the beauty of life?

 Have your artwork displayed in the gallery!

This autumn Wolverhampton Art Gallery will be hosting an exhibition of Ron Mueck’s hyper-realist sculptures. We will be hosting workshops (of up to ten people) to produce responses to his work with an artist and dramatist. These will take place over 5 half-day sessions. We aim to work with a parents’ group and a grand-parents’ group, both of which can bring their own experiences of having children to the work.

Participants may bring children with them, but is the thoughts of parents and grandparents that we are particularly interested in. You can choose the medium, the materials and the subject matter, and write/take part in a short piece of drama.

Interested in taking part?

Please complete the form overleaf, ticking the boxes of the sessions you would like to attend. If you could do both art sessions and/or both drama sessions, as well as the presentation, that would be helpful, although all participation is welcome. The presentation will be a chance to unveil your artwork and present your drama. Please state whether you are a parent or grandparent, and email your interest to

Thanks for your time, and we look forward to meeting you, and hearing about your experiences of parenting and grandparenting.

from Wolverhampton Art gallery


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