Local Disability Arts Organisation the Outside Centre is running a film project in Wolverhampton on Disability and Obesity.

The Floursh2BU project is about enabling disabled people to get fitter, lighter and more active so that they can have a significantly better quality and length of life.

Outside Centre’s Paul Darke will lead the project and be one of the participants.
Paul says: “It is an exciting project that will be a turning point in many people’s lives, especially my own.  I am fat and unfit so I must change that in order to do more and, above all, feel better about myself.”

Part of the project – launched at the 2nd Wolverhampton Disability Film Festival on Thursday 23 April – is to also make a film of the progress of those participants who wish to be filmed as they go through the next year improving their diet, fitness, wellbeing and self-confidence.  The film will be shown at the 3rd Wolverhampton Disability Film festival in 2010.

They are still looking for participants and you can find out more about the project by contact Paul Darke on 01902 716747 or via the project’s website at www.flourish2BU.info

The project is supported by Wolverhampton Primary Care Trust and Wolverhampton City Council in association with Outside Centre.


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