I can now confirm that a final decision has been made by the Police Authority and Chief Constable in relation to the proposed changes to operating hours at Wednesfield Police Station.

The decision to amend the opening hours as proposed has been ratified, therefore from 1st April 2012 Wednesfield Police Station will close between the hours of 1800 x 1000 hrs.

The decision was not taken lightly and followed a further period of consultation and footfall analysis to increase the volume of data available to help provide direct comparison between different months of the year.  The overall demand profiles were very similar and therefore justified the decision to amend the opening hours due to a lack of demand for front office opening outside of the new opening hours.

Can I again reassure you that the change to opening hours does not mean that we will be reducing the service we provide to communities. Officers will continue to work within communities, patrol neighbourhoods and work with local people and partners to identify and solve issues of concern. There is also the intention to have an enhanced number of officers working from Wednesfield Police Station in the future in support of further organisational developments.

In summary:

The Police Authority have made the decision to amend the opening hours based on: Public protection being the main priority when making choices on savings. Having a duty to secure value for money from the services we provide by reducing unnecessary demand, changing work practices or service levels. Assessment of future service provision being made previously on actual demand.

Should you wish to view the full Police Authority document which outlines the report from the Chief Constable for consideration as to the revised operating levels it can be found on the Police Authority website at www.west-midlands-pa.gov.uk.

If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. Jan Thomas-West. Superintendent – Local Policing. Wolverhampton Local Policing Unit. West Midlands Police Tel: 01902 481360 Mobile: 07796 181501

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