Equality at Work

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Inequality, information, legal, News | 0 comments

These are the Governments’s plans for benefits this year:

Working age benefits like Universal Credit (standard) will be the same, so will Housing Benefit – the Government has frozen these rates until 2020.

People in the ESA support group and those getting disability premiums will get a rise of around 2.4%.

People on retirement and basic pension credit will get a 2.6% increase

Single people on minimum pension credit will have a rise from £163 to £167.25

Couples pension credit will rise from £248.80 to £255.25.

If you want to know about other benefits you may be able to get, check out this website:


It is completely confidential – your information stays private, so it is worth checking what you could be getting so you dont miss out.