DWP offering disabled people deals for less money

by | Mar 3, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Charities have done a small survey of 115 disabled people, and found that in most cases, when people go to the first stage of appealing a disability benefit decision (mandatory reconsideration), if the DWP thinks the disabled person will win at Tribunal, they offer the disabled people a lesser amount agreement.

A Tribunal appeal date can often be over 12 months from when you appeal the decision. In that time you do not get the benefit you are appealing against. This can make it almost impossible for disabled people to manage without going into debt, or becoming isolated through lack of funds for taxis, carer support etc. So many disabled people are agreeing to have the standard amount of ESA or PIP rather than the enhanced, because they still have some money coming in.

This acts to reduce the life chances of disabled people. You can write to you MP about this. There are details you can quote from The Guardian article here>