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PIPs self-help Pack (zipped)  [Updated August 2016]

Filling in forms, points, medical assessments, mandatory reconsideration, form letters, appeals tribunals

ESA Self-Help Pack (zip)  [Updated July 2016]

This pack will help you with filling in an ESA claim form, appealing a decision, getting evidence for an appeal, and attending a tribunal.

Questions you may be asked at medical or tribuna(doc) !New 2016

Benefits Overpayments [October, 2015] docx

ESA & working or volunteering (doc)[October 2015]

Welfare Benefits Special Leaflet  pdf

Covers Universal Credit, ESA, PIP, ,Benefits Cap, Bedroom Tax, Local Welfare Assistance

Which Benefit (doc)

This is a one-page list of various benefits you may be entitled to, depending on your life situation.

ESA Changes (doc) [July 2013]

Explains changes to ESA in January & July 2013  

Disability Living Allowance to PIPS (doc)

If you want to know about PIPs in more detail, sign up for one of our PIPS training days

PIPS points system (pdf) July 2013

Incapacity Benefit to Employment Support Allowance leaflet (doc)

ESA Limited Capability for work related activity points system [updated](doc)



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