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free resources for making things accessible

You can use any of the resources here as long as you credit One Voice.

They are for anyone who wants to make a service or building or event more accessible.

They are for disabled people who want to help service providers to improve.

We try to keep these documents up to date and relevant, but cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions – this understanding is a condition of you using them.

Access Audits Pack

(doc) Updated 2013
audits-packThis illustrated pack was originally designed for disabled people who took part in our access audits training.

It has also been used by businesses, public sector officers, disabled people from Britain and Europe, and others.

It covers the difficulties disabled people have a result of bad design, and highlights how to recognise and overcome these problems, to remove disabling barriers.


Design Access Statments

Download (doc)

Design Access Statements are required by law when a new building or substantial refurbishment takes place. They should tell you about what the designer/architect is going to do to make sure the venue is accessible.

Here is your guide to what the Access Statement should include.


Wolverhampton Access Guides

east-parkAccess to parks 
This is an access audit of the parks in Wolverhampton, done by the One Voice access group.

download – (pdf)
Garden design

This access booklet was put together when we had a high number of people asking for how to design an accessible garden for their mum/partner/neighbour.


One of our member-volunteers and his personal assistant spent a month visiting all the pubs in Wolverhampton to find out how accessible they were!
He put this information together for our other members and users.



Organising Accessible Meetings and Events 

Many of our members and users wanting to be involved in decisions about their lives found that often meetings and events were organised in a way that created a series of barriers for disabled people.

Their frustration was echoed by a number of community and groups and city officers who did not know how to plan out these difficulties, so we worked with groups of disabled people to put this guidance together.

It helps anyone who wants to hold a meeting or event that is open to all of the public.

pdf download

Accessible Training

download – (doc)

One Voice was offered some free training by an organisation that came to us in our accessible environment, but it turned out to be a very inaccessible experience for many,  so we turned it into something positive by writing this guidance sheet on providing training accessibly.

Product and service tests

 Whenever one of our members or users finds a useful (or disappointing) piece of equipment aimed at disabled people, we ask them to fill in a questionnaire to tell us what it is for, what is good about it, when it doesn’t work, where you can get it, how much it costs etc. We put them all together in this document.

This document is updated roughly every year.


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