10 Minute Expert


This is a new part of our website.

It came out of an idea to make our staff, sessional workers and management group meetings more useful. Everyone who is a member of each meeting group takes a turn at preparing and presenting an issue of interest to disabled people, to give their audience some knowledge and expertise in the subject.

We know that for almost everything, you cannot become an expert in 10 minutes, but it gives people a basic grounding, and information on where to go to find out more.

We have found them very popular in our meetings, and we have learnt lots of things we did not know before!

We thought that other people and groups might like to share what we have learnt, so we have put together some leaflets on some of the “10 minute expert” presentations, for you to download for free.

We hope that you can use them, or improve upon them. If you want to let us know of any improvements, you will be credited by name, for any additions we use.



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